WTF is Oktoberfest?

You may have noticed that every September your favorite breweries and beer lovers gear up for Oktoberfest. You also may be wondering…WTF is Oktoberfest? Is it a drinking holiday? What are we celebrating exactly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m about to lay down a brief history of Oktoberfest for you so you can impress […]

Beer 101: Kolsch

Ahhh the refreshing taste of Kolsch…it’s one of our flagship beers for a reason. Let’s break down why we love it oh so much. THE ORIGIN There’s a rich history around Kolsch in its motherland Cologne, Germany. The people of Cologne are very proud of their Kolsch which translates to the dialect of German they […]

Alibi Beer: Gluten Reduced & Good on the Gut!

Most people don’t believe it when we tell them ALL of our beers are gluten reduced. Believe it, Buddy. It’s true.  Do you ever have a beer (or three) and end up feeling bloated right away or the next day? You’re not alone. It’s one of the reasons we started playing around with a gluten-reducing […]

Nitro Dry Irish Stout + The History of St. Patrick’s Day

  THE BEER As is tradition around here we try to make a dry Irish stout when good ole St. Patricks Day comes around. For ours we went light on the roasted malts and really dialed in our nitrogenation process to make a fantastic, highly pintable beer. The use of unmalted flaked barley adds a […]

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