WTF is Oktoberfest?

You may have noticed that every September your favorite breweries and beer lovers gear up for Oktoberfest. You also may be wondering…WTF is Oktoberfest? Is it a drinking holiday? What are we celebrating exactly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m about to lay down a brief history of Oktoberfest for you so you can impress […]

Beer 101: Kolsch

Ahhh the refreshing taste of Kolsch…it’s one of our flagship beers for a reason. Let’s break down why we love it oh so much. THE ORIGIN There’s a rich history around Kolsch in its motherland Cologne, Germany. The people of Cologne are very proud of their Kolsch which translates to the dialect of German they […]

Alibi Beer: Gluten Reduced & Good on the Gut!

Most people don’t believe it when we tell them ALL of our beers are gluten reduced. Believe it, Buddy. It’s true.  Do you ever have a beer (or three) and end up feeling bloated right away or the next day? You’re not alone. It’s one of the reasons we started playing around with a gluten-reducing […]

Big Berry Tickler + Playlist 🫐

alibi ale works sour ale with blueberry, raspberry, and boysenberry

  THE BEER Looking for a beer that is bold, sweet yet dry, sour, and refreshing as f^&#? We got you covered. Big Berry Tickler is the winter release in our Mr. Tartacular’s seasonal rotating series of fruited sours. Tickler, as its known by our regulars, tastes like the color purple in the most delicious way. […]

Nitro Dry Irish Stout + The History of St. Patrick’s Day

  THE BEER As is tradition around here we try to make a dry Irish stout when good ole St. Patricks Day comes around. For ours we went light on the roasted malts and really dialed in our nitrogenation process to make a fantastic, highly pintable beer. The use of unmalted flaked barley adds a […]

Parma the Wilder

We are very proud of our newest collaboration with our hop supplier, Hollingbery & Son Hops, and one of the premier hop farms in the US, Virgil Gamache Farms. Together we wanted to make a beer for the International Hop Grower’s Convention in Santa Rosa and boy, was it a hit! THE ORIGIN We went […]

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