Pizza & Pints: Behind the Scenes on Alibi’s New Pizza Program

Pizza so good, you might think you’re in Italy…

tahoe's best pizza
The Forager (Photo: Tony Contini)

We’ve always loved pizza but never built an Alibi food menu around it because it felt so common and the towns in which we operate already had pizza joints. But our interest in pizza kept rising, like a good pizza dough. “Pizza is the most consumed food in the entire world, and for good reason. It’s delicious, and it pairs perfectly with beer”, says Alibi co-founder Rich Romo. Pizzas are also shareable and allow us to get food out to our customers quickly, even on busy days.

When we made the decision to add pizza to our Incline food menu in Spring 2023, we didn’t just want to make great pizza. Our goal was to make world-class “neo-Neapolitan” style pizza in Tahoe.

Our Oven: The best Neapolitan pizza in the world is cooked quickly at high heat, so we knew we needed a high heat pizza oven. But the configuration of our kitchen would not fit a traditional deck oven or wood-fired oven. After months of research, we discovered and purchased an Italian-made stone conveyor oven. It is compact, cooks at incredibly high heat and has the added consistency of a conveyor oven. Our oven is powered by high-efficiency electric infrared heating elements with three temperature zones: one at the entrance, one at the exit, and one for the stones. Having three temperature zones allows us to get lots of initial “oven spring” from the dough, then finish the pizza at a slightly lower heat for the perfect cook, and even make sure the underside of the crust is perfectly browned. Our cook time is around 90 seconds. We love our oven!

tahoe's best pizza
Airy soughdough crust (Photo: Kevin Drake)

Our Crust: Great pizza starts with great crust. “We teamed up with Keith at Truckee Sourdough Company to design a pizza dough specifically for our oven. After several iterations, we nailed it!” says Kevin Drake, Co-Owner. Our dough is made with 100% Italian finely-milled “00” flour – the same flour used to make Neapolitan pizza in Rome! It is leavened with a local sourdough yeast culture and cold-fermented for 2-3 days before use, allowing for development of proper flavor and texture. Our high hydration dough creates the soft, airy crust and bubbles found in traditional Neapolitan-style pizza.

Tahoe's best pizza
The Greek (Photo: Jeff Freeman)


Toppings: “I obsessed over making the perfect marinara sauce”, says Head Chef Brian Michaelsen. Our house-made marinara is simply CA-grown, vine-ripened tomatoes with a few spices. It is never cooked until it lands in our pizza oven, preserving its “fresh tomato” flavor. Our Grande mozzarella is considered “best in class” for making pizza. Most of our other toppings are hand-made, including our sausage and our pesto and white sauces.


tahoe's best pizza
Classic Pepperoni (Photo: Kevin Drake)

We are now 10 months into our pizza journey and still learning and improving every day. We are flattered with the positive feedback we’ve been receiving from our customers. Come try our pizza for yourself. Our menu is always evolving with new specials. We’ll make your pizza dreams come true!

And yes, you can order pizza to-go! Get 10% off pizza to-go when you order online and use the discount code “PIZZA”.




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  1. Can’t wait to try. Been working on perfecting my own Neopalitan Style Pizza at home with my OONI Pizza oven on deck.

    Do you have plans to do same at our local the Alibi Truckee location?

    1. Hi Dan. We would love to but don’t have room in our tiny Truckee kitchen for even the most compact pizza oven. Might be a possible outdoor kitchen/food truck at some point and if so, it will likely have this style pizza on tne menu. Those OONI’s make great pizza. Glad you are a fellow pizza nerd!

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