Diversify Your Portfolio with an Alibi Beer Bond!

Love Alibi and love earning interest? Of course you do! Looking for a low risk, high return investment that also supports small business? Of course you are! Well look no further, Alibi Beer Bonds are here!

For a limited time, we are selling Beer Bond gift cards where you can earn up to 60% annual interest in exchange for waiting until a set maturity date to redeem them. That’s up to 1000% higher returns than the US bond market! Seriously? Yep. You pick the initial investment amount and the bond length, exercise a bit of patience, and watch your money grow! You don’t need to be a mathemagician to know that this is a good friggin deal! Check out our fancy Beer Bond Yield Table below.

Pick up your very own Alibi Beer Bond at any of our pubs or order online and we’ll mail it to you!


Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy a beer bond and wait longer than the agreed upon maturity date to use it, does it continue appreciating in value? 

Answer: No. The maturity value is set when the card is purchased. 

Is an Alibi Beer Bond a registered security?

Answer: absolutely not. 

Is an Alibi Beer Bond a good investment?

Answer: Hell yes (but you should have a beer with your financial advisor to be sure). 

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