Beer 101: Kolsch

Ahhh the refreshing taste of Kolsch…it’s one of our flagship beers for a reason. Let’s break down why we love it oh so much.

Can of Kolsch next to pint glass of Kolsch
Photo by Jeff Freeman


There’s a rich history around Kolsch in its motherland Cologne, Germany. The people of Cologne are very proud of their Kolsch which translates to the dialect of German they speak. They wouldn’t be caught dead drinking an Altbier from the next town over, Dusseldorf. Traditionally served in 200ml glasses called Stangen; your glass rarely goes completely empty because the bartender walks around with a small keg constantly topping off your beer so it’s always fresh. (Doesn’t that sound nice?!)⁠


The ingredients making up a Kolsch are very much similar to a Pilsner beer. Very light malt and enough hops to remind you, you’re drinking beer. The one major difference being the yeast: Pilsner beer uses Lager yeast and Kolsch is famously proud of its Ale yeast.⁠

In terms of Alibi Kolsch we try to stick to German tradition as closely as possible. We use a German derived hop called Hallertau Blanc which gives some mild bitterness and helps promote the slight fruit flavors. We use a German Ale yeast that is accustomed to fermenting around 55 F that produces a clean, crisp, slightly fruity beer that we love called, you guessed it, Kolsch. Our Kolsch ABV stays at 4.8% keeping in style with the nature of this beer.

cans and pint of Alibi Kolsch outside in the beer garden
Photo by Jeff Freeman


Alcohol by Volume: 5% 

Original Gravity: 11.5

Final Gravity: 2.0

Malt: Pilsner, Malted Wheat

Hops: Magnum, Hallertau Blanc

Yeast: Kolsch Yeast

Water: Pure Lake Tahoe Water

We also brew all of our beer with water strait from Lake Tahoe, so this Kolsch will be unlike any others you have had. Being that it is one of our flagship beers, it is always on tap at all of our pubs. Not local? Do not fear! If you live anywhere in CA, NV, OR, or WA you can order Kolsch cans strait from our shop and get delivered to your door.

Are you a fan of deep diving into beer knowledge and history? Let us know what beer you want to learn about more in the comments below!


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